Google Android Silver Report

unnamedAs of now, the Google Android Silver is itself a rumor and nothing as specific is know about it. Even though people believe that Android Silver might be a Smartphone , there are chances that it might be a Smartwatch or next Android Operating System and it comes with full HD support screen which is very good to watch videos, movies and all. just download ShowBox APK and watch full HD movies.

Since it is believed that LG might be manufacturing the Google Android Silver, so there are slightly fewer chances of Android Silver being an operating system but still the possibility cannot be rolled out. We also know that LG was working on a Smartwatch which would be powered by Android ,so there is even a possibility that LG might name that Smartwatch as “Android Silver: A smart watch with a metallic strap” in that case the name would be apt.Some rumors are as follows:


It is expected that Android Silver  might have a 3GB RAM , there are slight possibilities that it might have 4GB RAM which might make it a better competitor against the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung  Galaxy S6 and much more.

Screen Size:

Screen Size of 5.0-5.3 inch is expected which might be IPS Touchscreen protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

Battery :

A battery of 3000mAh might be fitted along with it to improve its battery life.


Android Silver is expected to have a primary camera of 16MP , with autofocus and dual tone LED flashlight plus a secondary camera of 3-4MP.

Operating System:

We expect it to have  Android L as its operating system but due to the rumors with non-customizable features, a new operating system of Android might be associated with it.

Memory :

It is expected that it might have an internal memory capacity of 32/64GB . There are slight chances that it might be expandable up to 128GB . Even though the possibility of expandable memory  is very less but still it can be expected.

Future Technology with Android Silver:

As per the latest trend, it might be expected that Android Silver might be waterproof ,dustproof  and scratchproof. There are also chances that it might have fingerprint sensor and retina scanner for better security features. link to their site

Google Android Silver Expected Design

Since there is no official news about the design of the Android Silver or link to their site, we expect it to have a better look as compared to the Nexus 5. The term “Silver” creates an image of a metallic like substance in our mind, so we might expect it to have a metallic look. The size of the Silver Smartphone is expected to be similar to Nexus 5 or bigger.


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